Burghart Sniffin’ Sticks (ODOFIN)

Burghart’s smell tests consist of so-called Sniffin’ Sticks (new name ODOFIN). These are pens that are filled with frangrances instead of ink. The Burghart smell tests are CE certified and validated. The Sniffin’ Sticks are widely used in Europe (and beyond) and are mentioned in hundreds of scientific publications.

ODOFIN is the new name for Burghart Sniffin’ Sticks and Taste Strips.

A simple smell test

Do you want to perform a simple smell test with 12 or 16 odors? In this case you can use the Sniffin’ Sticks Screening 12 test (12 different odors) or the identification test 16 blue or identification test 16 purple (16 different odors). In these tests, the test testperson must identify the odors using multiple choice cards.

Extended smell test

If you want to test more extensively, we recommend the full test, the so-called Extended Sniffin’ Sticks Test. In addition to the identification test 16 (blue), this test also includes the discrimination test and the threshold test. The extended test is available in 2 versions. The difference is the smell of the target pen in the threshold test. The 2-phenylethanol version has a rose scent and the n-butanol version has an alcohol-like scent.

Order individual tests

The tests included in the extended test can of course also be ordered separately. These are the blue identification test, the discrimination test and the threshold test (n-butanol or 2-phenylethanol).

Smell test for children

Would you like to conduct an smell test on children? Then we also have a special children’s smell test (U-Sniff) with 12 Sniffin’ Sticks. In this test, the multiple choice cards have images instead of text.

Shelf life of ODOFIN Smell Tests

Burghart odor tests can be reused for an unlimited number of people before the expiration date. Each pen has a printed expiration date.

Delivery time Sniffin’ Sticks smell tests

We have most ODOFIN (Sniffin’ Sticks) odor tests available from stock.

Would you like to receive a quote or would you like to order on account? Of course you can. Contact us via the contact form or send an email to info@medi-sense.nl.

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