Screening 12 Test

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Burghart ODOFIN Sniffin’ Sticks Screening 12 Test for a basic screening of the olfactory function. This test includes 12 everyday odors and will be delivered including holder and needed materials.


The Sniffin’ Sticks Screening 12 Test is a basic screening, identification smell test with 12 everyday odors. With this test the question whether the patient possesses a normal or decreased olfactory sense can be roughly answered. The patient has to name the smell using a multiple choice form which offers four answers for every pen, only one the answers is correct. A template that goes with the multiple choice forms makes evaluation very simple. This test is a commonly used test within ENT and occupational health and safety services. After performing this screening test you can roughly say whether the test person has anosmia, hyposomy or normosmia. It is based on the identification of every-day odors in the scope of a „multiple-forced-choice“ method. The time required for the execution and evaluation of the test is between 3 and 4 minutes.

The official name of this test is the ODOFIN Sniffin’ Sticks Screening 12 Test and is developed by Burghart.

Odors Screening 12 Test

The test has 12 sticks with everyday odors. The odors of these sticks are peppermint, fish, coffee, banana, orange, rose, lemon, pineapple, cinnamon, cloves, leather and liquorice.

Contents of the test

The Sniffin Sticks Screening 12 Test will be delivered with a holder, instructions for use and evaluation material. The manual and multiple choice cards are available in the following languages, please specify in your order: English, German, Polish, French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Czech.

This test is also available as a refill set without the holder and material/ manual.

This is the standard test which only contains 12 Sniffin’ Sticks. It does not contain the taste strips. If you need the 12 sticks with the taste strips then you need the combination set which can be found here.

Shelf life of the Sniffin Sticks

Each stick is labelled with a best before date, you can use the Sniffin’ Sticks for as many persons as you want before this date. Important is that you use the stick correctly, don’t touch the tip of the pen with fingers or nose. That will contaminate the stick and you cannot use the stick anymore because you cannot guarantee the quality of the odor of the stick. The shelf life for the Screening 12 Test is approx. 1-1.5 year.

Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of the sticks.

We have this test available from stock and can ship it within 24-hours after receipt of your order.


We regularly receive questions about the use of the Burghart Sniffin’ Sticks. On this page we explain step by step how the Screening 12 test works, as you can see it is an easy and user-friendly smell test.


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