Le Nez du Vin

le nez du vin aroma kits
Le Nez du Vin aroma kits

Le Nez du Vin wine aroma kits contains a collection of aromas to smell accompanied by a book. The wine and Whisky aroma kits allows you to train and enrich your olfactory memory and to better analyze the wines and whiskeys that you taste.

Wine aroma kits for specialists or beginners

  • Wine: you like to drink it but you “don’t understand a thing about it.” You are dreaming of a simple and educational training method to help you better grasp your tastes and no longer buy at random.
  • You are an occasional or long-standing wine lover looking for a program that will make you rapidly into a better wine-taster, able to describe a wine with precision and ascertain its provenance.
  • Student, sommelier or enologist: do you need a tool to give your sense of smell a daily workout and enrich your olfactory memory?
  • The specialists’ coded and elitist vocabulary bores or dismays you: you would like a playful sense-based approach.
  • You would like to give a present to an already well-equipped wine connoisseur: you are looking for something more original than a bottle and smarter than a corkscrew.

Handmade in France

The Le Nez du Vin collections are made in France in accordance with the tradition of fine crafts (métiers d’art). The quality of every component and every step in the making of our book-works is of paramount importance.

We have the following wine aroma kits available:

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