Tedlar Bags

Tedlar bags are the most widely used air sampling bags in the world. The bags are made from 2 mil Tedlar® film from the company DuPont® film and is strong, durable and chemically inert to a wide variety of gases. Tedlar is made from Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF), the fluorine contained in the polyvinyl fluoride film results in a stronger chemical bond than in normal polymers. This makes Tedlar more resistant to sunlight, solvents, acids, bases, moisture and oxidation.

We have the Tedlar gas bags available in different sizes and with various fittings. We usually have the bags available from stock, ordered before 4 p.m. on working days and shipped the same day.

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Order Tedlar Bags

You can easily order (on account) via our webshop. If you prefer to order via a purchase order, you can do so by email via info@medi-sense.nl. Do you need large quantities? Please contact us for an additional discount.

Not sure if these bags are the right choice for you? Please send us an email with the gases you want to sample so that we can advise you on the most suitable gas bags. Perhaps the multi foil bags, Kynar or Teflon bags are a better choice.

Which fitting is the right choice?

All our Tedlar gas bags feature a patented 2-in-1 fitting that combines the valve and septum into one. You can easily open and close the fitting. You can connect a hose (tubing) of 3/16″ (internal diameter of the hose) to the fitting. We recommend using Inert PTFE tubing because it prevents adsorption of the sample on the tubing’s inner surface.

Available fittings for Tedlar bags
Available fittings for Tedlar bags

After sampling, you can pierce the septum with a needle to remove a sample from the bag.

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