Tedlar Bags with PTFE Fitting

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Tedlar bags with PTFE fitting, select the desired size underneath.

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These Tedlar bags with a single PTFE fitting are made of DuPont’s 2mil Tedlar® PVF film. This PTFE fitting combines the valve and the septum in one.

Tedlar® PVF film is tough, durable, and considered chemically inert to a wide range of compounds. Bags of Tedlar® film can be used for indoor air sampling, hazardous waste sites, leaking underground storage tanks, stack sampling, soil gas sampling, gas blending, calibration test standards, and most other gas sampling needs.

These bags will be delivered with a PTFE fitting. Looking for Tedlar bags with polypropylene fitting? Click here.

Available Tedlar Bags

We have Tedlar bags available in different sizes. Select the desired bags above. The 0,5 liter up to 25 liter bags are usually available from stock.

  • 0,5 liter, 12,7 x 22,86 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 1 liter, 22,86 x 17,78 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 3 liter, 22,86 x 33,02 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 5 liter, 40,64 x 25,40 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 10 liter, 40 x 41,91 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 25 liter, 50,8 x 60,96 cm (package of 5 bags)
  • 50 liter, 50,8 x 76,20 cm (package of 5 bags)
  • 100 liter, 50,8 x 121,92 cm (package of 5 bags)
  • 200 liter, 121 x 67 cm (package of 1 bag)
  • 500 liter, 121,92 x 168,64 cm (package of 1 bag)
  • 1.000 liter, 121,92 x 274,32 cm (package of 1 bag)

PTFE Fitting Tedlar Bags

All our Tedlar gas bags have a patented 2-in-1 fitting. This fitting combines the valve and the septum in one. You can connect a 3/16″ (ID) tubing to the fitting.

Close up PTFE fitting
Close up PTFE fitting

We supply the Tedlar gas sampling bags with a PTFE fitting, but we can also supply the bags with a polypropylene or stainless steel fitting.

Custom made Tedlar Bags?

In addition to the standard Tedlar bags, we can also produce custom-made bags with dimensions according to your wishes. We have a lot of experience in producing custom made Tedlar bags. Please contact us for more information.


0,5 liter (10 bags), 1 liter (10 bags), 10 liter (10 bags), 100 liter (5 bags), 1000 liter (1 bag), 200 liter (1 bag), 25 liter (5 bags), 3 liter (10 bags), 5 liter (10 bags), 50 liter (5 bags), 500 liter (1 bag)