Multi-Foil Bags with PTFE Fitting

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The Multi-Foil bags come with a single PTFE fitting. Select the desired size below.

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Multi Foil bags with PTFE fitting

Multi-Foil bags provide light and moisture protection for low molecular weight compounds such as hydrogen that are unstable when collected in standard bags such as Tedlar sample bags. This multi-layer foil bag has a PTFE 2-in-1 fitting that combines the valve and septum into one.

Also available with polypropylene or stainless steel fitting.

Multi-foil bags properties

  • The multi-layer foil bags provide a good stability for low molecular weight compounds such as methane, CO, CO2 and many other gasses
  • The foil bags are the only gas sampling bags that can sample and store hydrogen sulfide
  • Sample stability up to 5 days
  • Protective 5-layer barrier minimizes gas permeability. – 60 gauge nylon (outer layer) – Metalized aluminum – Polyethylene – 0.0003″ aluminum foil – 0.002″ polyethylene (inner layer)
  • The foil bags are water and vapor-proof
  • Minimal adsorption
  • Protect light-sensitive compounds
  • Samples protected by opaque material
  • The multi-layer material is tough, flexible and water-vapor proof
  • The inside surface is inert, minimizing absorption and adsorption of compound
  • Also custom made bags/ sizes available, please send us a message for more information.

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0,5 liter (10 bags), 1 liter (10 bags), 10 liter (10 bags), 100 liter (5 bags), 1000 liter (1 bag), 200 liter (1 bag), 25 liter (5 bags), 3 liter (10 bags), 5 liter (10 bags), 50 liter (5 bags), 500 liter (1 bag)