Sterilization pouches (flat) (200 pcs)

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Sterilization pouches (flat)

Package of 200 sterilization pouches for the sterilization of your (surgical) instruments. One side laminate, one side of paper. Standard available from stock in different sizes (choose the desired size above).

Information sterilization bags

The standard flat sterilization bags are provided with a 3-fold strong seal edge on three sides. These bags are suitable for all common seal devices. The sterilization pouches are made of transparent green foil so that the contents of the bags are clearly visible and high-quality medical paper of 60 g / m². The laminate bags are moisture-resistant and made with 100% pure pulp. The 3-fold seal edge and space between the sealing edges ensure perfect adhesion during the sterilization process and a guarantee for a perfect opening. The pouches can easily be opened through a recess. The bags are specifically designed for steam, EO and formaldehyde sterilization and form a reliable barrier against bacteria. Of course, each bag is equipped with validated steam and EO process indicators for checking for sterility. Optionally, these bags are also available with formaldehyde process indicators (contact us for prices and options).

Steam indicator: discoloring from pars to brown. EO indicator discoloring from blue to brown. Optional formaldehyde indicator discoloring from red to green.

The text on the bags such as the LOT number and instructions for the indicators are water-based and non-toxic. Any instrument contamination will therefore be prevented. These bags are produced within the EU and comply with the applicable international standards for sterilization bags such as EN-868, ISO 11607 and ISO 11140.

Order sterilization pouches

The pouches are well packaged in plastic bags so that the bags are well protected against dirt and dust after opening the box. The sterilization pouches are packed per 200 pieces in a cardboard box and provided with a label with additional information about the specific batch. These bags are suitable for all common seal machines. We have these bags available from stock and will be shipped worldwide within 24-hours.

Contact us for different sizes and specific requirements.


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