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Comparison sample bags

Below is a comparison of three different gas sample bags which we have availabe; the Tedlar bags, FEP (Teflon) bags and Multi Foil Bags. Besides these bags we can also deliver Kynar (PVDF) and Nalophan bags. If you want to receive a quotation or if you have any questions, please contact us.  Tedlar bags   FEP […]

Ishihara kleurentest

Ishihara test

The Ishihara test is a color blindness test for red-green color deficiencies. With this test you can find out if you suffer from color blindness. The Ishihara test is one of the most widely used color blindness tests worldwide. In our webshop you can find the original Ishihara tests that we always have available from […]


Using Tedlar Bags in CanSat Competition

Recently we have delivered our Tedlar Bags to Team Aiolos, a group of students participating in the German CanSat Competition 2021/22. In this competition, it is their goal to design and build an explorer the size of a beverage can, which gets launched up to 1000 m above ground by a rocket. While the explorer [...]

BAPO Conference Birmingham 23/24 Sept

The 2021 annual meeting of the BAPO (British Association for Paediatric Otolaryngology) will be held on 23/24 September in the Bramall Music Hall at Birmingham University. We are proud to announce that Sense Trading (MediSense) will also attend this conference with a small booth to show our smell and taste testing products. You are more […]

How Memories of Smell Are Planted in the Brain

Over a century ago, Marcel Proust (1871-1922) described the French protagonist in his novel À la recherche du temps perdu (first translated into English as Remembrance of Things Past, but now commonly referred to as In Search of Lost Time) dipping a Madeleine in a cup of tea and having aroma-triggered flashbacks to his youth. Experiencing a “Proustian moment” […]

sniffin sticks identification test blue

ODOFIN Sniffin’ Sticks

ODOFIN is the new name for the Burghart Sniffin’ Sticks and Taste Strips. In the coming period the Sniffin’ Sticks smell tests and taste strips will be marketed under the name ODOFIN Sniffin’ Sticks and taste strips. This name change will already be visible in future orders. ODOFIN smell tests and taste tests The manufacturer […]

le nez du vin geurdoos met 6 aromas

Wine and Whisky Aroma Sets

In addition to our medical smell and taste tests, we have recently also added the aroma sets of Le Nez du Vin/ Le Nez du Whiksy to our range. These aroma boxes have been developed for beginners, enthusiasts and specialists in the wine and whiskey field. On the next page you will find an overview […]

Close up polypropylene fitting

Stability of samples in gas sample bags

This report was written by Linda Coyne, Cindy Kuhlman and Nicole Zovak from SKC Inc. The original title of this report is: The Stability of Sulfur Compounds, Low Molecular Weight Gases, and VOCs in Five Air Sample Bag Materials. does not take credit for this report. Sampling bags have been used for many years […]