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A wine aroma set is a collection of different scents/ aromas often used to practice and recognize the aroma profiles of different wines. The purpose of an aroma set is to develop your sense of smell and to help you identify and name the different olfactory components in wine.

Art of tasting wine aroma sets

We supply the following wine aroma sets with which you learn to identify 10 important aromas in wine. The sets consist of 11 bottles of (same) wine where 1 bottle is the reference sample. The other 10 bottles also contain an added aroma in addition to the wine. Each flavoring added to the bottles is in a realistic, challenging amount: the same level you would find it naturally in wine.

These red wine and white wine sets are available in 2 versions, small 50 ml bottles (for 1 person) and the larger 187 ml bottles (for 3 people). The faults aromas set is only available in the 187 ml bottles:

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