Faults aromas set (10 aromas)

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Learn to identify 10 wrong aromas (faults) in white wine with this aroma set.

The set contains 11 bottles of 187 ml (for approx. 3 people).

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Learn to recognize wrong aromas/ faults in wine with this faults aromas set. The set contains 11 bottles of wine à 187 ml (for approx. 3 people).

Contents faults aromas set

The set consists of 11 samples (small bottles) containing the same wine each time. One of the vials is the reference sample and contains no added flavoring (labeled REF). The other 10 vials (labeled 1 – 10) are samples each with a single aroma added. In this case “wrong” aromas that can possibly occur in wine. Each aroma is added in a realistic, challenging amount: the same level you would find it naturally in wine.

Which aromas are in the set?

Number Flavour Compound Fault
1 Musty TCA Cork taint
2 Bruised apple acetaldehyde Acetaldehyde
3 Caramel sotolon Oxidation
4 Drains methyl mercaptan Reduction/light strike
5 Smoke guaiacol Smoke taint
6 Horse blanket 4-EP Brettanomyces
7 Sweaty socks isovaleric acid Brettanomyces
8 Vinegar acetic acid Volatile acidity
9 Nail varnish remover ethyl acetate Volatile acidity
10 Potato skin potato pyrazine Ladybug taint

The samples are preserved with an inert gas mixture. They have a shelf life of four weeks from the date of shipment. The samples are safe to smell and taste. You can store them at room temperature, of course direct sunlight should be avoided. The samples are also best judged at room temperature, ISO type wine glasses are perfect for tasting the aromas.

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