Sensonics Smell Tests

The Sensonics smell tests are used worldwide in many scientific publications, but also in clinical practice to test the sense of smell of patients. The Sensonics smell tests are booklets with micro encapsulated (scratch & sniff) odors. Each scratch and sniff strip is embedded with a odorant. By scratching / rubbing the strip, odors are released. The task of the test person is to identify the correct odor using a multiple choice system.

The best-known Sensonics test is the UPSIT smell test, which consists of test booklets containing 40 different odors. Simpler tests are also available, such as the BSIT (Brief Smell Identification Test) with 12 odors or the Pocket Smell Tests with 4 items or 3 items.

In addition, Sensonics also has the Snap & Sniff tests, which consist of sticks that are filled with different odorants. The Snap & Sniff smell tests are available as an identification, discrimination and threshold test.

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