Odor Discrimination/ Memory Test (ODMT)

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This 12-item test is a non-verbal screening of both odor discrimination and memory. It provides an overall score, as well as a test score for each of the three delay intervals: 10, 30 & 60 sec. Following the smelling of an inspection odor, four alternatives are presented, the first after a given delay interval. The subject is required to identify which odor corresponds with the inspection odor. This test is highly reliable (test-retest r=0.80) and is useful in many research and clinical test situations.

This test will be delivered in a package of 7 tests.

Odor Discrimination/ Memory Test

The ODMT taps central limbic dysfunction not measured by other means. Its format is based on the famous Peterson and Peterson match-to-sample paradigm (J. Exp. Psychol. 58, 193-198, 1959). A unique feature of this test is the ease of stimulus presentation: the test administrator must simply scratch open a set of microencapsulated odors with a pencil for the subject to sample at the appropriate time points. The microencapsulated odorants used in this test – banana, peppermint, rose, and peanut — were chosen to be isointensive so that only the qualitative stimulus dimension is salient.

Please Note: If you are purchasing this test for the first time, you will need to purchase the ODMT Administration Manual. A scoring key is included.

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