Pediatric Smell Wheel (pk/10)

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The Pediatric Smell Wheel is an attractive game-like test for evaluating olfaction in children.

This smell test is packed per 10 tests and only available in English.

Pediatric Smell Wheel

The Pediatric Smell Wheel™ is an attractive game-like smell test for evaluating olfaction in children. A rotating cardboard disk exposes one of 11 odors at a time for sampling. Multiple-choice alternatives use both words and pictures. When the disk is completely rotated, the child’s answers appear as dark dots in a series of holes in the jacket. The number of marks signify the test score. Can be used as an educational game as well as a smell test. Ideal for classroom education settings.

The test will be delivered in a package of 10 tests and is only available in English.

Smell test for children

The pediatric smell wheel has a good compliance and olfactory test findings congruent with literature results were obtained
using the Smell Wheel, suggesting that this test may be useful in assessing olfactory function in pediatric
settings where attentional demands are compromised and test time is limited.

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