Snap & Sniff Odor Discrimination Test

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The Snap & Sniff® Odor Discrimination Test is comprised of 20 sticks, which are presented in groups of 3. The task of the testsubject is to determine which stick smells different.

This kit will be delivered including a carrying case and English administration manual.

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The Sensonics Snap & Sniff Odor Discrimination Test is comprised of 20 sticks, which are presented in groups of 3. The test is designed to determine if someone has the ability to discriminate between different odors.

This odor discrimination test includes an ergonomically-designed carrying case, registrationforms and English administration manual.

Snap & Sniff Discrimination Test

The Snap & Sniff discrimination smell test uses the following odorants: phenyl ethyl alcohol; anethole, amyl acetate, and guaiacol.

Formulated at isointensive levels, the sticks are presented in groups of 3 and the subject is asked to choose which of the 3 is different. The test comes with an easy to follow presentation pattern.

How does the odor discrimination test work?

When the operator’s thumb pushes forward on a slide mechanism, the odorized tip is exposed and presented to the subject. Releasing the slide mechanism retracts the odorized tip back in the wand’s housing. Because the odorant is presented briefly, the odor is retained for much longer periods and can be used for testing many more subjects than devices lacking such sophisticated technology.

The smell discrimination test administration will take around 10-15 minutes. The test can be performed as a bilateral evaluation (both nostrils) or as a unilateral evaluation.

Test procedure

  1. Take one of the rods (sticks) from the holder. Present the sticks in the order as indicated on the response form.
  2. Hold the tip of the rod under the subject’s nose, close to the nostrils (1-2 cm).
  3. Press forward with your thumb on the sliding collar to release the odor
  4. Hold for around 2 seconds and instruct the testperson to smell. Indicate aloud the sequence number of the presented stick; “here’s the first one”.
  5. Close the odor tip by releasing the sliding collar or by pushing it back toward the bottom of the rod and place the rod back into the holder.
  6. Repeat the previous steps with the second stick and indicate the sequence number again; “here’s the second one”.
  7. Repeat the previous steps with the third stick and indicate the sequence number again; “here’s the third one”.
  8. Ask the testperson to provide an answer indicating which of the sticks smells different, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd stick.
  9. Present the trios (3 sticks) in the order indicated on the response form.

Recording of responses

The sticks are labeled from 1 to 20, the response form provides an easy to follow pattern of presentation. Circle the first, second or third number on the response form based on the testperson answer. Once the test is complete, count the red numbers that are circled. This will give the test result (number of correct responses).

Refilling the Snap & Sniff tests

Are you using the Snap & Sniff test and do you want to refill them? We can refill the sticks (wands) for you and send them back. This will give you recharged wands so you can continue using the same kit. This is a sustainable way of smell testing and prevents unnecessary waste.

Contact us for more information about refilling the Snap & Sniff tests.