Le Nez du Whisky with 54 aromas

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Le Nez du Whiskey Aroma Set with Book consists of 54 Whisky aromas. If you want to learn more about the scents of whiskey, this set is the right choice. The set will be delivered in English.

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Le Nez du Whisky

This set of Le Nez du Whiskey consists of 54 aromas. If you want to learn more about the scents of whiskey, this set is the right choice. The book by Le Nez du Whiskey is beautifully illustrated and will be delivered with an aroma wheel for the real whiskey enthusiast.

The set will be delivered in English. Would you like to have the set in French than please let us know.

54 Whisky aromas

Le Nez du Whisky contains:

– 54 aromas to smell, which make up the DNA of this marvelous spirit:
Floral notes: 1 blackcurrant bud, 2 geranium, 3 honey, 4 rose, 5 tobacco leaf, 6 hay, 7 green grass. Fruity notes: 8 pineapple, 9 cherry, 10 peach, 11 pear, 12 apple, 13 lemon, 14 mandarin, 15 orange, 16 pomelo, 17 dried fig, 18 walnut, 19 prune. Woodsy notes: 20 oak, 21 resinous, 22 sherry, 23 toasted almond, 24 toasted hazelnut, 25 coconut, 26 caramel, 27 chocolate, 28 custard, 29 vanilla, 30 anise, 31 cinnamon, 32 ginger, 33 herbs, 34 mint, 35 nutmeg, 36 allspice, 37 black pepper, 38 liquorice, 39 earthy. Various notes: 40 biscuit, 41 coffee, 42 toast, 43 malt, 44 butter, 45 leather, 46 broiled meat. Phenolic notes: 47 smoky note, 48 peat, 49 seaweed, 50 seashell, 51 medicinal, 52 rubber, 53 tar, 54 sulfur.

– The classification is presented in families on an aroma wheel included in the box.

– This unique work will take you on an exploration of whiskies from Scotland and other parts of the world, through the writings of renowned specialists and superb illustrations.
Scotsman Charles MacLean, one of the best whisky writers of our time, tells a century of Scotch malt whisky through 12 personal tasting accounts.
French writer and journalist specialised in gastronomy and spirits, Martine Nouet reveals the art of delicately harmonizing the spirit of a whisky with the spirit of a dish.

It allows you to:

1. Train and enrich your olfactory memory…
The sense of smell constitutes the most important sense in the perception of whisky. But it is often difficult to identify an aroma in your glass of whisky.  Have you already encountered the feeling that you know a smell without being able to recognize it? Nothing is more normal! In the same way that we learned to read, write, or count, smelling also requires training.

2. …to better analyze the whisky that you taste
But “What use is that ?” First of all, recognizing aromas enriches your tasting vocabulary. Being able to attach a word to your impressions increases your tasting pleasure and allows you to share your ideas with others. Then, the aromas of a whisky inform us about its geographic origin and the different steps in its creation: malting, fermentation, distillation, and aging in casks.

Le Nez du Whisky thus permits you not only to perfect your sense of smell but also to understand the process of creating the whisky that produces the aromas.

This work is directed at professionals as well as connoisseurs eager to deepen their knowledge.