Threshold Test with n-Butanol

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The Sniffin’ Sticks threshold test is used to determine the smell threshold. Each test contains 3 x 16 = 48 odour pens and will be delivered complete with manual and all of the needed materials.

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Burghart Sniffin’ Sticks – Threshold Test with n-Butanol

The ODOFIN Sniffin’ Sticks smell threshold is determined in a so called “staircase procedure”. After a start concentration of the smell is found out, the dilution step is identified at which the smell can just be distinguished from nonsmelling pens (blanks).

This test is available in two versions: this one with n-butanol and the version with 2-phenylethanol. The difference is the smell of the target pen. N-butanol is an alcohol like smell and 2-phenylethanol is a more pleasant rose like smell.

Threshold smell test

The question which you have to ask the test subject is: From which concentration on can you perceive an odorant (n-butanol)? Repeatedly, three pens will be presented to you one after another. Only one of these pens contains the odorant, the other two contain just water. You have to find out the pen in which you think you have perceived the odorant. In any case, you have to pick one of the three pens, even if you are not sure with your decision.

Contents threshold test

The complete test comes with a instruction manual, evaluation material and holder as seen on the picture above. The holder is only needed once. If the test has to be renewed, a refill set can be ordered which is cheaper than a whole test. The tests can also be purchased separately.

Cotton gloves and a sleeping mask can be purchased separately.

Eacht test contains 48 odour pens = 32 blanks and 16 dilutions.

Each stick is labelled with a best before date. Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of the sticks.

Refill sets are also available, please contact us for more information.