U-Sniff Children Smell Test

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The U-Sniff smell test for children consists of 12 odors (Sniffin’ Sticks) and will be delivered including holder and necessary materials (in English).

U-Sniff Children Smell Test

The U-Sniff Test is used to assess the odor function in children aged 6 to 17 years. This test exist out of 12 Sniffin’ Sticks which are developed especially to test the olfactory function of children.

The test will be delivered with a holder, manual, evaluation materials and multiple choice cards with images instead of words. The odors in this test are: apple, banana, butter, coffee, grass, fish, rose, lemon, onion, orange apple, peach, strawberry

Sniffin’ Sticks U-Sniff

U-Sniff smell test
Materials U-Sniff Smell Test

With the result of this smell test, a distinction can be made between normal olfactory ability (normosmia), limited olfactory ability (hyposmia) and lack of smell (anosmia). The scents are specially chosen for children, so they are scents that are easily recognizable for children. The pictures on the answering cards make the test user-friendly for children.

Test procedure

The U-Sniff children smell identification test includes 12 Sniffin’ Sticks with 12 different odors: apple, banana, butter, coffee, cut grass, fish, flower, lemon, onion, orange, peach, and strawberry. Each odor is presented to the test person by using the Sniffin’ Stick. Each item was presented separately by uncapping the Sniffin’ Stick and keeping the stick approximately 2 cm for 2-3 seconds beneath the child’s nose. Children were asked to identify each odor with the help of four descriptors. Before odor presentation, the descriptors (pictures and words) were shown and read to the children, and then, after odor presentation, the children were asked to identify the smell. This was based on previous work showing that presenting the descriptors first leads to better results than presenting the odor first. If uncertain, the child was allowed to smell the odor up to three times. No immediate feedback as to the accuracy of the responses was given to the children.

Background study

On this page you will find background information about the children’s smell test. Various studies have been conducted on testing the sense of smell in children. These studies show that the U-Sniff is a reliable test for assessing the sense of smell in children.

Read more about these studies on this page.