Practical smell training tips


Do you want to start with smell training? On this page you will find practical smell training tips that will help you achieve the desired result. Do you have additional tips? Please let us know so that we can add it to this page.

Smell training tips

  • The starting point: It’s helpful to note how your smell function is right now. You can compare your level of smell and experiences today and after a few months of smell training. It will help you to track your progress. Do this, for example, by using this self assessment questionnaire. 
  • Keep a log: It is advisable and interesting to keep a log of smell training. Make notes of what you observe so that you can observe any progression. This is not necessary every day, but once a week or 2 weeks is more than enough. It is important that you have patience and that you do the training consistently.
  • Sit somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed while doing the training.
  • Open a odor stick or a jar of essential oil and hold it close to your nose, about 1-2 cm. You should smell for about 15 seconds per odor, try to take short and intensive sniffs of the fragrance. Do not try to smell at once for 15 seconds, but take short sniffs.
  • Visualize and focus. During the smell training really focus on what you are doing. Be as observant as you can and try to remember your experience with the odor you are smelling.
  • Take a few breaths and move on to the next odor.
  • Consistent and Patience: You should smell the odors twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Place the smell training set somewhere where you can easily use it. For example next to your bed or in the kitchen.
  • Persist: research has shown that smell training should be performed consistently for at least 4 months, preferably even for 6 months for optimal effect. So it will take time, it is not a quick solution but requires patience and discipline.
  • Even if you don’t smell anything today, start exercising and give it a try. A damaged olfactory nerve has a good chance of repairing itself, and smell training is the way to make that happen faster.

Smell loss and smell training

Many people feel that they are “not ready” to begin smell training after their injury or viral infection. It is very important to understand that the sooner you start, the greater the long-term benefit to you. It can be so difficult to lose your sense of smell and it is easy to feel discouraged and down. Fragrance training is a positive step you can take for yourself. It’s a way to get the situation under control.

Did you know that there are also support apps for smell training? Use a supporting app such as the app from Abscent. 

There are also various groups on social media that relate to loss of smell and taste such as the Abscent smell disorder group on Facebook. In this way, you can find moral support and advice from others.

Smell training kits

Do you want to start with smell training and want to purchase a smell training kit? Please click on this link for our smell training kits.