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Loss of smell in children

Loss of smell in children can lead to major consequences in eating patterns. As a parent, you therefore seek support and understanding with these problems. Especially when your child indicates that the food tastes terrible. For example, children may say that food tastes like sewage and that water tastes like rotten eggs. It is often […]

Loss of smell therapy

We regularly see the term loss of smell therapy in emails and questions from our customers. Smell therapy is the same as smell training or olfactory training but is less commonly used as a term. The most commonly used name is smell training. On this page background information about loss of smell therapy. What is […]

Self-test sense of smell

Would you like to test your sense of smell? Or do you want to start smell training? Then use this simple self-assessment test to determine what your sense of smell is at the moment. This way, you can rerun the sense of smell self-test at a later date to see what the effect of the […]


Practical smell training tips

Do you want to start with smell training? On this page you will find practical smell training tips that will help you achieve the desired result. Do you have additional tips? Please let us know so that we can add it to this page. Smell training tips The starting point: It’s helpful to note how […]

Online smell and taste check

Want to test the sense of smell and taste? A questionnaire has been developed by the University of Münster and the Institute of Neuroscience in Jülich to test your sense of smell and taste. This test is designed for people who have recently experienced respiratory complaints or other corona-related complaints. This online test aims to […]