Online smell and taste check

Want to test the sense of smell and taste?

A questionnaire has been developed by the University of Münster and the Institute of Neuroscience in Jülich to test your sense of smell and taste. This test is designed for people who have recently experienced respiratory complaints or other corona-related complaints.

This online test aims to map how your senses develop over a longer period of time and what the connection is with the COVID-19 virus. This is a hot topic as loss of smell and taste is a major symptom of the coronavirus.

Smell & Taste check

You can do the Smell & Taste Check as often as you want. However, we recommend that you do the Check regularly for the next 3 months in order to follow your senses as closely as possible. Participation is voluntary and your data will be anonymised.

Click here to participate in the test.

Why was this test developed?

The ability to smell, taste and susceptibility to irritation of the nose and mouth can be reduced for various reasons – for example in respiratory diseases due to cold viruses and also due to the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV2; COVID-19) or even completely different diseases.

Through this test, researchers would like to investigate how these senses change over time. These results help us to find out whether the senses are more or less affected in COVID-19 than in other diseases and healthy people.