NasuMel Nose Ointment (with honey)

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NasuMel nose ointment

This nasal ointment with medical grade honey is prescribed for prevention and/ or treatment of wounds and crusts in the nose. The specific composition of NasuMel® Nasal Ointment protects surface wounds from infection and helps prevent crust formation in the nose. Besides that it can also help against (recurrent) nasal bleeding, dry, irritated and / or damaged nasal mucosa, for example, because of the use of corticosteroid-containing nasal sprays and CPAP and it can be used after nose surgery.

Nose ointment for ENT doctors

The number 1 nose ointment recommended by ENT specialists, allergologists and GP’s. NasuMel is an ointment based on medicinal honey and is a unique, innovative Dutch product developed in collaboration with researchers from Wageningen University. It is a CE class IIa-labeled medical product and is a very effective ointment that is excellently tolerated.


  • For dry, irritated and / or injured nasal mucosa, for example, because of the use of nasal sprays with corticosteroids, CPAP (mask for sleep apnea) or oxygen goggles
  • To heal small wounds in the nose easier and to prevent scabbing
  • To soften existing scab in the nose
  • To treat and prevent (recurrent) nosebleeds
  • After a nose operation to heal the nasal mucosa and prevent scabbing

NasuMel® contains no substances known to cause allergic reactions and is suitable for all ages. This ointment is antibacterial but antibiotic-free, anti-inflammatory but cortisone-free, wound healing and chemical-free. Medicinal honey helps heal the skin.

Bees collect the nectar from plants that are grown in Dutch greenhouses under controlled conditions – without pesticides, pesticides, preservatives and chemicals. Only specially purified, sterilized and enzyme-rich honey is processed.

Ingredients NasuMel

Peanut oil, white beeswax, glyceryl oleate, honey and water.