Nasal rinse salt for nasal douche

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This nasal rinse salt was specially developed for rinsing or nebulizing the nose and sinuses. Available per 20, 60 or 100 bags. This rinse salt can be used in combination with the nasal douche.

Nasal rinse salt for nasal douche

The Dos Medical nasal rinse salt is a combination of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate and ensures effective and gentle cleaning of the sensitive, usually inflamed nasal mucosa.

Standard “kitchen salt” is intended as a flavor enhancer for food, but not for cleaning your nose and is often experienced as harsh and also contains iodine, a substance that irritates the sensitive nasal mucosa. In collaboration with ENT doctors, Dos Medical Nasal Rinse was specially formulated to clean the delicate nasal mucosa. It is one of the best media to effectively cleanse the nose and sinuses, and is convenient, mild and hygienic to use.

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