Nasal Douche with rinsing salt

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The nasal douche will be delivered including 4 sachets of nasal rinse salt and a manual.

The nasal douche helps with sinus infections, hay fever, colds and after nasal surgery. Developed in collaboration with ENT doctors.


Extra rinse salt?
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The NasoFree® nasal douche is a soft pressure bottle specially designed to cleanse the nose and sinuses. The nasal douche can be used together with nasal rinse salt and will be delivered with 4 sachet nasal rinsing salts.

With this nasal douche, you can effectively cleanse your nose and sinuses while keeping your head upright. The user of the douche has complete control over the pressure and volume which makes daily rinsing of the nose an easy and safe job and keeps the nose and sinuses clean, healthy and open.

NasoFree® nasal douche

When rinsing the nose, ENT doctors recommend nasal rinse salt. It was specially developed for the cleansing of the nose (sinuses). Dos Medical Nasal Rinse Salt ™ is a combination of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. These media ensure effective and gentle cleaning of the sensitive, usually inflamed nasal mucosa.

Standard “kitchen salt” is intended as a flavor enhancer for food, but not for cleaning your nose. It is often experienced as harsh and also contains iodine, a substance that irritates the sensitive nasal mucosa. In collaboration with ENT doctors this nasal rinse salt was specifically designed to clean the sensitive nasal mucosa. It is one of the best media to effectively cleanse the nose and sinuses, and is convenient, mild and hygienic to use.

The nasal rinse salt can also be ordered separately without the douche from this page.

Application of nasal douche

  • Acute and chronic sinusitis
  • Hay fever, allergy to dust mites and allergies to animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.)
  • After a nose operation
  • Colds
  • And nasal rinses can help reduce snoring.

How it works

Rinse your nose with a sufficient amount of fluid (150-250 ml). This cleans much better than with a syringe, with nasal spray, etc., where it is only a volume of 10-20 ml. So much too little. Or as an ENT doctor said, “Do not wash your hands under a dripping tap. They do this under running water”

The flushing flow of the nasal douche should be flushed in at an angle of about 45 ° below the nose. In this way, the sinuses are well achieved.
Rinse your nose with a nasal douche that creates a slight over pressure when you spray the nasal rinse salt. A slight over pressure is important to ensure that all parts of the nose and paranasal sinuses are reached.


Because you can clean a nasal douche in the home and disinfect every other day, a nasal douche is easy to clean. Any loose elements can be easily removed and reinstalled. Of course, a nasal douche must not contain any sharp components.

For all components, the NasoFree® nasal douche performs just as well as the electric nasal douche NasuClear. When it comes to nasal douches for “pinching”, we can say: NasoFree® Nasal Douches, the best nasal douches available. This product is a Class 1 medical device.