Using Tedlar Bags in CanSat Competition


Recently we have delivered our Tedlar Bags to Team Aiolos, a group of students participating in the German CanSat Competition 2021/22. In this competition, it is their goal to design and build an explorer the size of a beverage can, which gets launched up to 1000 m above ground by a rocket. While the explorer returns back to ground safely due to a recovery system, it has to complete two missions.

Mission of CanSat competition

One of these missions is given by the organiser and focuses on measuring temperature and air pressure to create an height-time-diagram, whereas the second mission can be chosen by each team individually.

As their second mission the team chose to collect air samples. These samples will be analyzed for trace gasses using a proton transfer mass spectrometer. As it is important that the samples are contained in a sterile tank to ensure a precise analysis they are using small Tedlar bags with a polypropylene fitting which were delivered by Sense Trading (MediSense).

CanSat-ExplorerIf you are interested in the project, you can read more about it on the following website: