Do nose plugs help with parosmia?

We are occasionally asked whether it is also useful to use nose plugs in the case of parosmia. Parosmia is an olfactory disorder in which odors are perceived, but they are processed in a different way than normal. In many cases, normal and pleasant odors are experienced as dirty and unpleasant. This form of parosmia is called troposmia. Nasal plugs for parosmia can be useful to temporarily block bad odors.

Which nose plugs to block bad odors?

Nose plugs can be a temporary solution for masking and blocking odors, including bad odors. The menthol nose plugs that we supply have a fresh menthol scent and are effective for 8 hours. The nose plugs are discreet and therefore not noticeable. They are also made in such a way that they fit comfortably and do not block breathing. In this way, the nasal plugs can help people with parosmia and reduce the perception of unpleasant odors, making everyday life easier.

Tip for using nasal plugs for anosmia

One user tip is to rinse your mouth thoroughly before removing the nasal plugs to remove any bad tastes. Although the nose plugs can be useful, they are a temporary solution and in practice difficult to wear all the time. For example, it can be very useful at certain important moments such as a family dinner to block the odors as much as possible.

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