Kynar® Bags with PTFE Fitting

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These Kynar® PVDF bags are made from Kynar® PVDF 3mil film and fitted with a single PTFE fitting. Select the desired version below.

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Kynar Bags

The Kynar® PVDF sample bags are made of 3mil Kynar® PVDF (PolyVinyliDene Fluoride) film. Kynar® PVDF is transparent, tough, durable, and has excellent chemical resistance because of its unique properties.

Kynar bags with PTFE fitting

The bags are delivered with an eyelet and the patent-pending single 2-in-1 PTFE fitting that combine the valve and septum into one.

Kynar® PVDF is the registered trademark of Arkema Inc.’s polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. PVDF is a fluorinated polymer, or fluoropolymer, that is dissolved, dispersed, foamed, and melt processed for use in a wide range of industrial and architectural applications.

Strength and Toughness of Kynar® PVDF

Kynar® PVDF is extremely strong and tough by offering an ambient temperature tensile strength at yield of 35-55 MPa (5,000-8,000 psi) and an unnotched impact strength of 800-4270 kJ/m (15-80 ft-lbs/in).

Dimensions Kynar Bags

We have the Kynar sampling bags with PTFE fitting available in different sizes. Select the desired bags above.

  • 0,5 liter, 12,7 x 22,86 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 0,7 liter (package of 10 bags)
  • 1 liter, 22,86 x 17,78 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 3 liter, 22,86 x 33,02 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 5 liter, 40,64 x 25,40 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 10 liter, 40 x 41,91 cm (package of 10 bags)
  • 25 liter, 50,8 x 60,96 cm (package of 5 bags)
  • 50 liter, 50,8 x 76,20 cm (package of 5 bags)
  • 100 liter, 50,8 x 121,92 cm (package of 5 bags)
  • 200 liter, 121 x 67 cm (package of 1 bag)
  • 500 liter, 121,92 x 168,64 cm (package of 1 bag)
  • 1.000 liter, 121,92 x 274,32 cm (package of 1 bag)

Need larger quantities? Please contact us for a quotation.

Chemical Resistance

Kynar® PVDF resins are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including most acids and acid mixtures, weak bases, halogens, halogenated solvents, hydrocarbons,alcohols, salts, and oxidants. At ambient temperatures, PVDF homopolymers are generally resistant to chemicals with a pH up to 12.

Custom made Kynar Bags?

In addition to the standard Kynar bags, we can also produce custom-made bags with dimensions according to your wishes. We have a lot of experience in producing custom made Kynar bags. Please contact us for more information.


0,5 liter (10 bags), 0,7 liter (10 bags), 1 liter (10 bags), 10 liter (10 bags), 100 liter (5 bags), 1000 liter (1 bag), 200 liter (1 bag), 25 liter (5 bags), 3 liter (10 bags), 5 liter (10 bags), 50 liter (5 bags), 500 liter (1 bag)