Combination PTC/PROP/Control taste strips (3 x 100 strips)

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This set consists of 100 PTC, 100 PROP and 100 control taste strips.

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This set consists of 100 PTC, 100 PROP and 100 control taste strips. The shelf life of the strips is 18 months after production. The production date of the taste strips can be found on every packaging.

The PROP and PTC taste strips are perfectly safe to use. Per strip 20 micrograms of PROP and PTC is used.

PTC taste strips

With the PTC flavor strips you can reliably identify tasters and non-tasters, the strips are ideal for research studies and for demonstrations in the classroom. The strips are made of paper and impregnated with the taste Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) which can be described as a bitter taste.

PROP flavor strips

With the PROP taste strip you can test whether people taste 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) or not. The taste of PROP can be described as bitter like in PTC, but the interpretation can vary greatly per person. These flavor strips reliably identify the tasters and non-tasters and are completely safe, as PROP is only present in 3-5 micrograms per strip. Ideal for research studies and for demonstrations in the classroom.

Control taste strips

The control of taste strips is offered because a control must be built in in a well-founded study and because the reaction to the flavor strips can be quite variable. In other words, you do not want your test subjects to know which strip they use when testing in a group, because test subjects can influence each other’s reactions. The strips are exactly the same as the strips that are provided with taste and can therefore not be distinguished from each other by the test person. Use these blank control taste strips in combination with the PTC taste strips or the PROP taste strips.

Use of taste strips

  • Use 1 taste strip per test person at a time
  • Remove the taste strip from the tube, preferably with tweezers. Tweezers will not be supplied as standard, but you can purchase them separately via our webshop.
  • Place the strip in the middle on the tongue, the test person may close the mouth and move the tongue
  • Ask the test person whether they experience a bitter taste or not
  • The taste strips are for single use, throw them away after use
  • It is advisable not to drink or eat in advance (except for water)
  • Download here a test protocol that you can use for taking taste tests with the PROP and PTC strips.