Brief Self-Administered Waterless Empirical Taste Test 27

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The test will be delivered in a package of 10 tests with which you can test 10 people. Each test is individually packaged and provided with instructions. You will receive 1 score key per 10 tests.

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Brief Self-Administered Waterless Empirical Taste Test

This brief 27-stimulus version of the Brief Self Administered Waterless Empirical Taste Test WETT® has the same components as the original classic WETT® and can be sent through the mail to subjects for self-administration.  No water stimuli or rinses are required. Each individually packaged kit comes with response forms and instructions for self-administration. Ideal for a complete assessment of taste function. Can be self-administered in less than 10 minutes. CE certified.

Sensonics B-WETT Taste Test

The Brief WETT taste test consists of 5 different flavors: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. In addition, also blank taste strips without taste.

Contents Brief WETT Taste Test

This test will be delivered per 10 tests. Each test is a individually packaged kit with enclosed response forms. One scoring key included per order. Additional keys may be purchased.

Part number B-WETT®-SA-27