Refill Taste Strips – 4 x 25 Sets

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The taste strips are a validated examination procedure to investigate the smell ability. When testing the whole-mouth smell ability, the taste strips are applied by putting them on the tongue and closing the mouth (the patient may move the tongue). If there is interest in the gustatory sensitivity of certain tongue areas (e.g. lateralised testing), the mouth stays open and the strip will only be in contact with this area until the patient can give an answer.

Refill Taste Strips

Refill for the taste strips with the highest concentration of sweet, sour, salty and bitter (4 containers x 25 strips). This is the refill set for the taste strips which are delivered with the Sniffin’ Sticks screening 12 test.

The strips will be delivered including a tweezer.

If you are looking for the complete taste test with 4 tastes in 4 different concentrations then please click on the following item: taste strips complete (19 x 50)

Expiration date taste strips

Unopened, the taste strips have a shelf life of 5 years from production. Once opened, the shelf life is limited to 12 months.