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Combur test for urinalysis

The Combur Test urine strips are the most widely used test strips for urinalysis worldwide. The strips are a useful tool for the immediate investigation, diagnosis and screening of various diseases. Reliable and accurate results are important, with the Roche Combur strips you are assured of this. The most famous Combur strips are the Combur […]

What is a bladder infection?

A urinary tract infection is an inflammation of the urinary tract. Most people also refer to a urinary tract infection as a bladder infection as this is the most common form of urinary tract infection. A bladder infection is an infection of the lower urinary tract and usually harmless. In this article further explanation, complaints, […]

Dupilumab and smell loss

Several studies have been published on the use of the drug Dupilumab and its effect on chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). One of the symptoms of CRS is a decreased sense of smell (hyposmia) and in many cases a total loss of sense of smell (anosmia). What is Dupilumab and is this drug the solution for people […]

What is anosmia?

Anosmia is a medical term used to denote the complete loss of the sense of smell. People suffering from anosmia are unable to detect odors, regardless of their intensity. It can be a temporary or permanent problem and can have a significant impact on a person’s life, as smell plays an important role in tasting […]

ECRO congress in Nijmegen

In September we will be present at the annual ECRO congress in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). The congress will take place from September 18 to September 21. Sense Trading will be present with a booth to show our products in the field of smell and taste such as smell tests, taste tests and smell training kits. […]

Loss of smell and diseases

It is clear that the sense of smell is important for the quality of life. Being unable to smell temporarily or for a long time has a major impact on how we experience things and can greatly hinder us in our daily life. Since the outbreak of corona, it has also become clear to the […]

Smell disorders (olfactory disorders)

People with a smell disorder (olfactory disorder) have either a decreased sense of smell, no sense of smell, or changes in the way they perceive smells. The different olfactory disorders are: Anosmia: The total loss of the sense of smell. A distinction can be made between selective and complete anosmia. As the name suggests, selective […]

Congenital anosmia

Congenital anosmia is a condition in which people are born with a lifelong inability to smell. Not being able to smell can have a major impact on a person’s life, both in a practical sense and certainly emotionally. From childhood fears and awkward teenage moments, to a sense of failure when you can’t tell your […]