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capsaicin pepper

Taste of capsaicin

Fire in your mouth? Contrary to popular belief, the burning sensation you experience from a spicy chili pepper isn’t actually tasting “heat”. It’s a clever illusion perpetrated by a molecule called capsaicin. It belongs to a class of molecules called capsaicinoids which are the compounds found in members of the capsicum family (also known as […]

The sense of taste

Taste, how does it actually work? Taste is the way our brain perceives the stimuli from taste buds. Of course we all know the five flavors; sweet, bitter, salty, sour and umami. But how do you describe the taste of mint, for example? Of course, the five basic tastes do not give the full picture […]

Loss of smell in children

Loss of smell in children can lead to major consequences in eating patterns. As a parent, you therefore seek support and understanding with these problems. Especially when your child indicates that the food tastes terrible. For example, children may say that food tastes like sewage and that water tastes like rotten eggs. It is often […]

What is hyposmia?

Hyposmia is a medical term used to describe a reduced sense of smell, which means that a person is less sensitive to odors than normal. People with hyposmia can still perceive odors, but with less intensity than people with a normal sense of smell. It can range from mild to severe decreased sense of smell. […]

Loss of smell therapy

We regularly see the term loss of smell therapy in emails and questions from our customers. Smell therapy is the same as smell training or olfactory training but is less commonly used as a term. The most commonly used name is smell training. On this page background information about loss of smell therapy. What is […]

Do nose plugs help with parosmia?

We are occasionally asked whether it is also useful to use nose plugs in the case of parosmia. Parosmia is an olfactory disorder in which odors are perceived, but they are processed in a different way than normal. In many cases, normal and pleasant odors are experienced as dirty and unpleasant. This form of parosmia […]

Burghart-threshold Test-Sniffin Sticks

What is the olfactory threshold test?

An olfactory threshold test (or smell threshold test) is a smell test that examines the concentration up to which a subject can perceive an odor. The lower the concentration a person can perceive, the better a person’s sense of smell is. There are various olfactory threshold tests available, on this page we explain these tests […]

Combur test for urinalysis

The Combur Test urine strips are the most widely used test strips for urinalysis worldwide. The strips are a useful tool for the immediate investigation, diagnosis and screening of various diseases. Reliable and accurate results are important, with the Roche Combur strips you are assured of this. The most famous Combur strips are the Combur [...]