Nalophan sample bags

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The Nalophan bags will be delivered in a package of 10 bags, per 10 bags we will deliver 5 end caps. Select the desired bags in the drop down menu underneath.

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Nalophan sample bags

The Nalophan Gas Sampling Bags have been designed especially to respond to the quality requirements of EN 13725:2003 and ISO 17025, to minimize the risk of contamination of odour samples. The bags have an approximate capacity of 10l or 60l depending which sampling device is used.

Nalophan bags

These Gas Sampling Bags are made of Nalophan® and PTFE tubing to minimize surface reactions with sulfurs. Within the ISO 17025 accreditation scope the Nalophan® is tested according to No. 6.3.2 of the European Norm EN 13725:2003 as well as according to No. 4.3.1 of the German guideline VDI 3880:2011 and is released as norm conform material for the sampling of odour samples.

The analysis result are traceable to the olfactometric measurement method according to EN 13725:2003.

Package of 10 bags, per 10 bags we will deliver 5 end caps.


10 liter (10 bags), 30 liter (10 bags), 60 liter (5 bags)