TNO Stereotest with glasses

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Lameris TNO Stereotest with glasses

The TNO stereotest (version 19) contains seven red/green test plates, presented in book form. Since 1978 the TNO Stereo test is available, a very reliable, simple method to determine the depth perception for adults, but also for (very young) children under 4 years of age. The test is used by ophthalmologists, orthoptists, optometrists, Technical Ophthalmic Assistants and school doctors all over the world.

Test the depth of sight by viewing the test plates with the specially supplied red / green glasses. This is possible because random dot stereo-grams are used in the test plates, whereby ‘half images’ are projected over each other in complementary colors. In close collaboration with TNO, Laméris Ootech has now developed the 19th edition.

Content of the TNO stereotest

  • Seven plates with test figures:
    • Three plates for screening
    • Three for diagnosis
    • One for contro
  • A solid red / green glasses designed specifically for this test. Available for adults or children. The use of another pair of glasses can have consequences for the diagnosis.

Improvements compared to the 18th edition

  • The color scheme of Plate IV, the Suppression test, has been improved.
  • Plate VII has been taken out of the test. This plate was not observed by the children aged 2 to 4 years and caused frustration and lack of cooperation in this age group.
  • The plates have received a different, improved color scheme.
  • The design of the test has been adapted to current standards. You can also immediately recognize the new edition.
Model glasses

Adult, Child