Tourniquet (various colours)

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We have various tourniquets available in different colours. Easy to use and high quality.

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Do you need a tourniquet? Our tourniquets are made of strong material and easy to use. The strap can be applied and removed with one hand. Once in place, the band will be tightly closed by means of the plastic closure and will not open unintentionally. The strap has a length of 40 cm and is washable at 60 degrees.

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We have the tourniquets available in the following colours: green, red, blue and a printed tourniquet for children (animals). All colors are available from stock.

stuwband kopenA tourniquet is used to temporarily cut off the blood supply to a specific part of the body. This is done by tying the band tightly around a limb, such as an arm or leg, compressing the blood vessels and restricting blood flow. The main purpose is to control bleeding or restrict blood flow to a specific area.

How to use this tourniquet?

  1. Place the strap around the arm and insert the clip into the clasp until it “clicks” into place, indicating it’s closed.
  2. To tighten, pull the end of the strap in the direction of the arrow. The fastener is securely locked.
  3. Once the needle is inserted, press the tension button 1 to gradually loosen the tourniquet.
  4. To remove it, press the release button 2.

Possible applications

The main applications are:

  1. Control bleeding: For severe bleeding, placing a tourniquet above the wound can help stop or reduce bleeding. This can be critical in emergency situations where quick action is essential to save lives.
  2. Intravenous access: A tourniquet can be used to temporarily stop blood flow in a vein, making it easier to insert a needle.
  3. Surgical Procedures: During some surgical procedures to minimize blood loss and create a clear operating area.
  4. Treating Injuries: In severe injuries, such as amputations, a tourniquet may be used to reduce blood flow to the affected area and control the loss of blood.
  5. Medical tests: such as taking blood samples or measuring blood pressure.

It is important to note that using a tourniquet carries some risk. This includes damage to tissues or nerves if the band is applied too tightly or used for too long. Therefore, application and removal should always be performed by medical professionals following proper protocols and guidelines.

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