Lang Stereotest II-R

260,00 excl. VAT

Der LANG-Stereotest II-R ist eine überarbeitete Version des LANG-Stereotest II mit verbesserter drucktechnischer und optischer Qualität im Vergleich zur früheren Version.

The Lang-Stereotest® II-R is a revised version of the Lang-Stereotest II. This revised version has improved optical and print quality over the earlier version and has no monocular clues when used correctly. Also new is a brief instruction in English on the back of the test card, with schematic illustration for correct use, mirror-image arrangement of stereo objects and typical pattern of eye movements in stereopositive subjects.

3D Objects and Disparities of Lang-Stereotest II-R

  • ELEPHANT 600’’
  • TRUCK 400’’
  • MOON 200’’
  • STAR 200’’ (2D, always visible)
  • Reading distance: 30 – 40 cm (10 – 15 Inches)