Illuminated Cabinet

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This illuminated cabinet is suitable for transparent vision charts and is equipped with bright fluorescent lighting. With this cabinet you are assured of the correct light output and correct illumination of the vision chart. With the help of separate lamps/spots it is often difficult to determine the correct light output (lumen), so that the chart is not sufficiently illuminated.

Illuminated cabinet for vision charts

This illuminated cabinet is frequently used by general practices and health and safety services. You can use various charts in combination with this chart viewer. At the top of the cabinet is a metal clamp under which you can slide the card.

The cabinet will be delivered including power cable, the vision chart is not included. If you also want to order a chart, you can also do that via our website.

Specifications cabinet

The power connection is located on the side of the cabinet and there are 2 holes at the back of the cabinet with which the cabinet can optionally be hung on the wall.

Dimension illuminated area: 42 x 44cm.
Cabinet size: 43 x 46 x 12cm.
The light intensity is not adjustable.