EasyDraw Syringe (pk/100)

175,00 excl. VAT

The EasyDraw Syringe can be used for taking soil samples.

This is a pack of 100 samplers, the handle will not be included and must be purchased separately.

18,00 excl. VAT

A versatile soil sampling system that allows simple collection and field preservation per EPA SW-846 Method 5035A. EasyDraw is light weight, easy to use and quickly and correctly gathers and preserves soil samples.

EasyDraw for soil sampling

These are only the samplers that are suitable for the PowerStop handle. There are 100 samplers in one package. If this is your first time using this system, you must order the handle separately once.

The system consists of a reusable handle and the associated samplers for storing the sample. The handle can be set to 5 grams, 10 grams or 13 grams sampling. This allows you to adjust the system to different soil types.

Do you need larger quantities? Please contact us for a quote and additional discount.

Taking soil samples in 3 steps

  1. Insert the syringe sampler into the handle and set the desired size (5, 10 or 13 grams)
  2. Take a sample by pressing the sampler into the soil.
  3. Pull the system out of the soil and remove the sampler. You can now transfer the soil sample to a tube/container (possibly containing a preservative).

A simple soil sampling solution as described in EPA SW-846 Method 5035A and many other methods!