Albustix Urinestrips (pk/50)

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Albustix are urine strips developed by Siemens to measure the presence of albumin (a protein) in the urine.

Pack of 50 strips, available from stock.

1 × Urine cups with screw lid (25, 50 or 100 pcs.)
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Albustix are urine strips developed by Siemens to measure the presence of albumin (a protein) in the urine. This can be helpful in diagnosing and monitoring a variety of medical conditions, including kidney disease and diabetes.

These urine strips come in a pack of 50 strips and are available from stock.

Albustix Siemens

The Albustix are easy to use and require only a small amount of urine to give a result. The test strip is simply dipped in the urine and after a few seconds the color of the strip changes. After 1 minute you can read the result by comparing the color change with the color chart on the packaging. This allows you to determine the amount of albumin protein in the urine.

The Albustix are reliable and sensitive, meaning they can detect even small amounts of albumin. This makes them ideal for use in hospitals, clinics and laboratories, as well as for home use by people with diabetes or kidney disease.

Instruction Albustix urine strips

  1. Collect a urine sample in a clean and dry urine cup (possibly with a lid)
  2. Open the package containing the strips and use within the expiration date.
  3. Hold the test strip by the ends and immerse the reagent zone of the test strip in the urine for approximately 1-2 seconds.
  4. Remove the test strip from the urine cup and wipe off the excess urine on the rim of the container.
  5. Place the test strip on a flat surface and wait for 1 minute, now the colors are completely discolored and you can interpret the result.
  6. Compare the colors on the test strip with the color chart on the package.

Remember never to touch the test area of the strip with your fingers! This can affect the results, if you accidentally touch it, we advise you to grab a new test strip.

What is Albumin?

Albumin is a protein normally present in the blood and produced by the liver. Albumin has several important functions in the body, such as maintaining the osmotic pressure in the blood vessels, transporting hormones and other substances, and regulating the pH of the blood.

When the kidneys are not functioning properly, they can leak proteins, including albumin, into the urine. This is called albuminuria and can be a sign of kidney disease or damage to the kidneys.

Why test for albumin?

An albumin test, such as Siemens’ Albustix, measures the amount of albumin in the urine. If an abnormally high level of albumin is found in the urine, it may indicate kidney disease, diabetes, or other medical conditions.

A regular urine albumin test can help detect kidney problems early before symptoms develop. This allows treatment to be started early to prevent further damage to the kidneys. In addition, regular testing for albumin in the urine can also help monitor the progress of already established kidney disease or diabetes and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.